Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Change Part 1: Goodbye Chicago

Well a lot has happened since my last post.  I have left Chicago.  We really wanted to live closer to family and so we just packed up and left.  Since there were so many things in Chicago that I didn't get to document, I'd figure I'd dedicate this post to the Windy City.  So in no particular order I present you my memories of Chi-town and tourist faves:

                                                           My apartment
                                           IIT Campus Student Center and CTA rail
                                         IIT's Crown Hall by Mies Van der Rohe
                                       Crown Fountain designed by Jaume Plensa
                         My office, my desk is the one in the right hand corner of the photo
                                           Lake Michigan and the city skyline
                                    Alicia and Me in May wearing winter gear.  Brrr.
                             Our Stupid apartment elevator.  Damn thing rarely worked.
                                                        My neighborhood at night
                                          Neighborhood patisserie. Miss it already.
                       Last visit to Millenium Park.  Love the woman reading the paper :)
                                                 Justin under the theatre lights.
                         Transit!  Oh how I miss thee.  Train or bus?  Wish I had that problem now.
     Oak Park, Illinois.  Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple.  Can you believe this is from 1905?
                                                    A funny street sign.
                            Spin Beer Garden.  A gay club which backs up to a church.
                                                     My Neighborhood.
                                                     My Neighborhood
                                  Wang's on Broadway. Best Lychee Martini in the U.S.
           Wang's on Broadway.  Watch out for the Penis photos all over the bathroom walls.
                                                   My neighborhood during the day.
 Nettlehorst school playground.  This school was the gem of our neighborhood.  Love this school.
                                                    Nettlehorst School Public Art
 Nettlehorst Grass Giraffe entry. What kid wouldn't love to be greeted by giant giraffes everyday?
                            Church that affirms same sex marriage.  Awesomeness!
                     Spin nightclub a day before the pride parade.  I'd say they are proud.
                                                       Our toes on the sidewalk!
                       Inside of the bus.  I need Alicia to give me the photo of inside of train.  

                                              The Rookery.  AKA batman's hangout.

See you later Chicago.