Sunday, May 31, 2009

Granny Square

After finishing the secret project (which I will post here shortly) I thought I needed to crochet something a little smaller. So here is my first granny square. I am not in love with the colors...I really need to update my yarn bin with brighter and softer yarns. I am really inspired by a blog I have been following by Sarah London

Her stuff is so bright and so well crafted.

I really want to do a blanket, starting sometime at the end of summer. I'm considering a granny square blanket, but bright and happy and not so granny looking. I'm trying new stitches out on my crap yarn. That way I learn new stuff and clear some space. If you have a need for anything itchy or with a wintery color scheme, let me know.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

La Fleur

No! Not Sawyer from Lost.

Flowers! Yay! I've been wanting to crochet a flower. This one was so easy. I found the pattern here

And in case you didn't get the title, it means "the flower" in French. It's one of the few words I remember from taking 3 or 4 years of French. I took all the French and ended up speaking Spanish. And if you watch Lost, you get the reference.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Elbow Sleigh

Elbow Sleigh Definition: The act of grabbing another's elbows and saying "hi-ya."

Commonly used during long walks with other people, when one feels as if they cannot walk further and must be dragged by another person.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Because no one should have to go through life without Salt and Pepper Shakers

Before leaving Los Angeles, we decided we should do a massive purge. This was difficult. I'm on my 6th residence since graduating college and have lugged everything I owned with me, including my poor dog. I guess I am a pack rat, probably picked that up from Dad (hi Dad!), but leaving LA really taught me a lesson. I can definitely live life with less, but one thing I realize you really do need is salt and pepper shakers. I have been whining about them since my arrival in Chicago. I don't know why we purged the salt and pepper shakers, I mean its not like they couldn't fit in my already stuffed car. But I could not find them along with a few other items (mainly kitchenware) when I got to Chicago. I think Justin was in charge of packing the kitchen and when I said purge, he purged. Somehow we managed to save the corkscrew? So because of all my whining, I got 2 pair in one week, as a gift from my Dad and a gift from Kayla. Thanks guys.

Now if I can only get back my beautiful desk! : (

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to life... back to reality

Yesiree Bob! I am done with that stinkin' competition. Now for a 2 week wait , to see if I won. I can actually have a weekend this weekend. I already made plans! Yay! Let's just hope it doesn't rain. I am looking forward to doing some targeting and joann fabriking soon too. So be on the look out for a craftier Eliza. Sorry for having such a boring blog lately.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Herder

Mona never used to be a hungry beagle, but with age, she has come to love food. So in the mornings she will herd you to her food bowl. The moment you get out of bed she gets behind you and starts walking at a faster pace. The picture looks so innocent, but don't let it fool you, she's a sneaky beag.