Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Holidays from Texas. I am home for 12 whole days visting my loved ones. I baked you some cookies. Too bad I can't share them, I really do have too many. This is only half of them. I am without photoshop here in the lonestar state, so they don't look as yummy as they taste. They are homemade using Martha Stewart's cookie and icing recipe. Hope you and your loved ones have a happy and safe holiday season.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Raspberry Hat/Cowl

I fell in love with this convertible hat/cowl pattern by April Draven. The pattern called for bead at the ends but I made pom poms because I have never made them. Oh how I love making pom poms....I could make them all day long.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Culprit

So I mentioned I have been in a knitting slump lately. Well I thought I should share why. I have started this scarf 4 times now. I get to row 16 and the number of stitches are incorrect. I think it's a nice beginning though. Once again, I found this pattern on the purl bee. You can click to see what it should look like if I ever finish it.

Not much else going on, besides a couple of secret projects I am working on. I might start something new today because its grey outside and football is on. I am dreaming of sushi and Texas these days. I can't wait to be home with family and friends. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold Weather Realizations

First snow December 2009

Since this is my second winter in Chicago, I thought I would share my cold weather realizations with my friends from the south. Some of these I really didn't know until I moved here.

1) The only thing worse than a slow person walking in front of you in 7 degree weather, is 2 slow people walking in front of you in 7 degree weather.

2) In case I haven't mentioned it here before, I realized when I moved here that boogers and eye mucous CAN freeze.

3) How does a vegan live in a cold climate? All the warm stuff includes: down, wool, angora, leather. I guess they fleece it up. I have never seen a dressy fleece though....

4) Chicagoans think that setting their thermostat to 65-68 in the winter and the summer is ok. Totally NOT ok.

5) Snow really does glisten :)

6) My dog has excellent slush vision. I will see snow and step on it only to find out its a layer of snow covering a puddle of water. Mona however does not have this problem. She can tell it's slush from 20 feet away. If I could only bring Mona to work in the mornings. Of course slush won't be here again until April or May, as its completely turned to ice now.

7) Shoveling snow is a daily activity here for anyone who owns a house or car. If they miss a day, you will surely hear about it. People have to keep a shovel in their car. And I hear that if you shovel out a parking space then there is a rule about placing a piece of furniture there to hold the space until you return. If you shovel it, its yours. I, of course, do not have this problem as I own nothing except the items in my apartment.

8) It is possible for your car to be ice enclosed, leaving you stranded without a car.

9) Main roadways are completely snow free, but still white in the winter due to the salt. And salt ruins shoes and pant hems. Alley ways are full of snow and look like Narnia. I prefer them!

10) It gets A LOT colder after it snows

11) No matter how many days in a row you see snow falling, its always beautiful.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slippas for my

So I am 99% sure that my sister-in-law does not read my blog, so it's safe to post the gift I made for her here. They are really cute, I want some for me. I bought the pattern off etsy from Adventures of Jessica Rose.

I cannot say these were easy to make. I am in a crochet/knit slump right now (if you didn't notice due to lack of posting). I will work something up and then tear it apart. And my stash has got me really down. I feel like I shouldn't buy anymore yarn until I get rid of it all. But its all so uninspiring. I just needed some inspiration....AND I think it might have arrived. Winter is here! Thursday morning its supposed to get down to -6 degrees. Holy Moly! Hopefully my blog will be full of posts in the months to come!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Issac's Hat post #2

My friend's, Maria and Ron, sent a photo of their son Issac wearing the hat I made for him last year. He is so adorable....right? He loves that guitar. I saw a video of him rocking out with that guitar. He could be a very talented performer one day.