Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scarf or Cabbage?

So my Nana's Birthday is on March 14th and she loves St. Patti's Day so I decided to make her a green scarf. Hopefully it is still cold in Boston. If not, there is always next year I guess. But I remember every year growing up I would get a photo from my family of my grandmother on St. Patti's day. Absolutely everything she was wearing was green, including her fingernail polish. She's so cute. So I am going to mail it off on Monday. It's a curly scarf and I found the pattern here

It was super easy, I finished it in a few hours. I want to make one for myself in a different color. I am a little nervous about the green I chose because it looks a little leafy. In the second photo I think it sort of looks like a head of lettuce or cabbage. Hopefully I will get a picture back from my family of my Nana wearing it, so I can post it here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I made this for Valentines Day. It was a big hit. Lot of compliments. I bought the pattern off etsy from HipChickCrochet. Again...I didn't understand the instructions so I made the rest up.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keely's Hat

This is a hat I crocheted for Keely, the cutie pictured above. I made it too small. Keely is baby signing the word "hurt." So I hope the hat isn't hurting her. Hats are hard when you don't have a head to try it on as you go. Hats are difficult in general and this was my first hat. I found a free online pattern called "The Ava hat" but I don't remember the link. Sorry person if you stumbled upon my blog. I chose the colors and added the button. I was trying to think of a fancy name for this title. Something hawaiian like "waikeely" because the colors are tropical-ish. But I didn't want to mislead anyone into thinking I have been to Hawaii (like anyone would have connected it to Waikiki in the first place). But Keely's Aunt Kayla has been there so maybe she would have. Hmm? Kayla?

Spune Tot

So when I was in Romania this summer we kept seeing commercials that used the word or phrase "Spune Tot" to sell their product/service. So for the rest of the trip we kept referring to nouns as spune tots, especially pointy things or mounds. I think the reference came from our previous country of travel... Turkey. In Turkey, there is a region called Cappadocia where they have pointy mound caves. Those mounds were deemed spune tots. So, with that said, this is my spune tot hat. It was crocheted using a picot stitch. I found a pattern online and like with most patterns...I didn't understand it so I made the rest up. Turned out ok, right? Well, I walked into work very confident in my new spune tot hat and the secretary basically jumped out of her seat. I guess its a bit dorky. My dorkiness caught her off guard.