Sunday, March 29, 2009

The SNOW of Freaking March 2009

Its almost April and I woke up to this. This is the view from my bedroom window. Typically you see downtown Chicago, but no there is a blizzard today. I would have taken a picture outside, but I fear my camera cannot handle it. I really don't believe that summer, much less spring will ever happen again. :(

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Secret Project

So I have started another crochet project and this will be my largest yet. It's a secret. I will keep you updated on my progress. Here's what I got so far....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I won't typically post my architecture stuff here, but we just installed a new rendering program. I tried it, these were my first renders. Still a little cheesy....the wood just doesn't look realistic enough. But maybe now that I am posting this I will have to do another to show you my progress.
My blog keeps me from procrastinating, or rather does it encourage procrastination? I am supposed to be working on my architecture competition. But I need a brain brake. So I am procrastinating by blogging, yet now that I have written about the competition...I will have to finish and win this darn thing, so that I do not appear a failure. You get the idea.
Anywho, this is master suite that I "designed" for one of our clients. The finish materials have not yet been determined, so I kept it "suburban contemporary" in case I actually decide to show this to the client or to my boss. I know the toilet is square....Don't be overly critical, I did it for fun.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Acorn Hat

This is is a hat I made for Juice. I call it the Acorn Hat, you can see why (acorn photo from here). Unfortunately the hat did not perform well in the Chicago Winter. I need a sewing machine so I can line some fleece inside it. Speaking of sewing...I am thinking of buying a machine. But I have to find a place for it in my 500 sf apartment. My apartment is not consumer friendly. Every time I want to buy something, I have to will I get it home and where can I put it?

Back to the hat...St. Patti's day was a warm 40 degrees so he decided to wear the acorn hat, but in the midst of drunken activities he lost the hat in a bar. We bar hopped in Lincoln Park and there were a lot of frattos out that day. One particular fratto was... There was also a leprechaun at one of the bars or should I say on top of one of the bars. Maybe he stole the hat, since he was in a good hat stealing location. Nah... he seemed like a very nice and trustworthy leprechaun. But if anyone in Chi town should come across this hat, please respond to this blog!

Monday, March 9, 2009


So I was bored one day and made a scarflette. It was made from the yarn left over from the scarf I made for my friend Kayla. I made this one up on my own...which explains why the ruffle kind of takes over the button. But its nice. I need more to wear it with though. I think I will have an easier time in Spring...if Spring ever comes! Plus its not warm need something to cover up the "V" neck sweater area. I don't know why I buy V neck sweaters. They are ridiculous in the Winter. A V neck tee makes sense. A V neck sweater is like buying a short sleeved sweater (I own these too)! But when the heck can you wear that? Well I would like to believe Spring is upon us. I am scared that my much loved hobby will be stuff away in boxes and I will forget how to do crochet/knit. But its time I read a book or two or bike down the beach. I have some more crochet/knit projects to post, but be on the look out for other things on this blog... like beagles, bikes, and beaches oh my.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Issac's Hat

I found a really beautiful hat pattern. It wasn't crocheted in the round like most hats so it looks pretty unique. I decided to make it for my friend's, Maria and Ron's, little boy Issac. I figured he might not wear it, as most babies/toddlers get frustrated with hats...but they told me that he really loves hats. So yay! I don't have a picture of Issac but here is the hat in a chartreuse green with a wooden button on top. I love the word "chartreuse." I take advantage of every opportunityI have to say it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Matti's Armwarmers

Enough scarves for a bit...on to armwarmers. I crocheted this for Kayla's other niece, Matti. They are sort of pop rock-ish. I like em. I got the pattern from I LOVE ETSY. I am addicted to it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

umm yeah

I don't always wear the same clothes...I just happened to photograph all this stuff on the same day. But I really do love that shirt...I got it at buffalo exchange for 5 buckaroos.

Another scarf

This is my first completed knitted thing. It's all knit, no purl. Im struggling right now trying to recreate a cowl off of purl bee (one of my favorite sites) . It's beautiful huh? Well this whole ribbing thing is hard. I get it, I do...but when I make a mistake its impossible for me to fix it. I have googled it and apparently my problem is twisted stitches...but I can't "tink" or knit backwards because I don't know where to insert the needle. I have been trying for about 3 days now. I will try again soon, but I got so discouraged last night that I had to crochet justin some slippers. To be posted soon. Happy Heroes Monday!