Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paper, Ink, Glue and a Movie Review

I watched 500 days of Summer last night (which is a sad movie by the way) and it got me thinking about cards.  I disagree with the movie's stigma about greeting cards.  I quite like them, especially ones of the creative type. It is really less about the words on the inside and more about the colors and shapes that evoke emotion.  It's also the idea of another person searching for or creating the perfect card to give to you.  

Getting back to the movie... The main male character, Tom, is educated as an Architect and working at a greeting card company.  It seems as if every 4th film I watch these days  has a main character playing the role of an Architect.  As my readers may already know, I am an Architect, so this movie particularly annoyed me in that aspect.  They are always portrayed incorrectly and very very outdated.  News flash, we don't draw by hand or build models anymore or if we do, then its like once a year.  Computers replaced most of that nearly 30 years ago. And there are no drafting tables for crying out loud.  But the thing that most got to me, was that Summer (Zooey Deshcanel) was pressuring Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to "follow his dreams."  Summer seemed uninspired by his decision to work at a greeting card place.  As much as I like to believe that my role as an Architect help makes the world a better place, it's unfortunately not true for the most part. In a lot of cases I help developers slowly destroy the world by cutting down trees and building ugly parking structures or McMansions.  Ok Ok  I do, on occasion, get to work on some interesting buildings/houses...but that's another blog.

What I'm saying is, What is so wrong with greeting cards?  I agree with Maggie Gyllenhall's character in Stranger than Fiction where she admits to leaving law school to open a cookie shop because she felt by making people happy with cookies, she is making the world a better place.

There is something about a tiny little paper canvas that gets me.  Here are some beautiful cards designed by my friend Kayla...

And here are some other beautiful cards that live in my house....

And here are works of art on a tiny paper canvas.... Cloudy Collection

At least the movie had a fantastic soundtrack and a choreographed dance scene that I totally wanted to participate in.


  1. Something is up with blogger. The images appear to be cut off when I use Chrome, but if I use internet explorer the images look fine. Hopefully it resolves itself. Until then, just click to see the whole image. Thanks!!

  2. Also forgive my laziness. While I enjoy blogging, I have little time to edit every single photo I take. Which is the reason I made the only image that I photoshopped bigger than the rest. Forgive the shadows in the corner, and concentrate on those lovely cards :)

  3. I feel so honored to have made it on your blog! :) Thank you. I also realize I must have a thing for birds. I have acquired a few bird stamps over time, Jordan's room is bird themed (so my thank you cards for the shower were bird themed) and I just changed my Firefox theme so now I have birds at the top of my browser. I guess they make me happy.

    I also enjoyed your review. I wanted to see that movie and I still haven't. I am a little disappointed to know it is sad and since a song on the radio made me cry yesterday, I think I will wait a little while longer to watch it.

  4. Oh, and the images look fine in Firefox.